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Re: Radeon 8500, kdetv, and xawtv broken - no video overlay device

On Mon, 03 Jan 2011 00:00:43 -0500, Robert Braddock wrote:

> On Sun, Jan 02, 2011 at 12:59:54PM -0500, Robert Braddock wrote:
>> Now, it seems as though my overlay device just isn't there.  Kdetv says
>> there's no video device at all and xawtv reports "no usable video port
>> found".
> FYI, someone on the xorg list gave me a tip to put "radeon.modeset=0" on
> the kernel command-line at boot.  After doing that, the overlay device
> is back, but kdetv and xawtv still don't work: kdetv shows some red
> lines instead of video xawtv can only show video at the default tiny
> window size.  Any resizing
>  will resize the image, but be black everywhere that wasn't visible
>  through the default window (even if I start it with -fullscreen).

You can try with another programs to view the TV, like Videolan, Me-TV or 
even Kaffeine :-?

> Is there any other program that understands the video overlay device
> thing?  Kdetv and xawtv just don't seem to prioritize working...
> Can I get a /dev/video0 for a Radeon 8500's input?  Xorg obviously isn't
> going to bother to keep it working, and it would be really nice to be
> able to use a better program than xawtv.

Maybe you card does not allow that... what tv tuner chipset has?



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