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Re: Radeon 8500, kdetv, and xawtv broken - no video overlay device

> > Now, it seems as though my overlay device just isn't there.  Kdetv
> > says there's no video device at all and xawtv reports "no usable
> > video port found".

> If the card used to work and now suddenly stopped creating the "/dev/
> video0" device, I would look into "dmesg" log, maybe there is any hint
> on why the video device is not being created (missing module, kernel
> change, firmware needed, conflicting drivers, radeon driver
> changes...). 

Sorry if it was unclear, but the video overlay thing through X/Xvideo is
different from /dev/video0.  I've never had a /dev/video0 device, even
when it was working (this is why xawtv and kdetv were the only programs
that work -- they are the only ones I've found that recognize the
overlay instead of needing a /dev/video0).

I'd like to have a /dev/video0, but as I said, I have no idea how to
get that to happen, and my searches never turn up anything but old
references to GATOS.  I haven't seen errors in the boot log either.


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