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Re: making a pdf file smaller the debian way....

On Sun 02 Jan 2011 at 02:42:28 +0000, Michael Fothergill wrote:

> So I tried the above command substituting my pdf file as input.pdf and
> creating a suitable name for output.pdf and then hit return in a
> sheepish ignorant kind of way and amazingly enough it worked.  I got a
> pdf file that was much smaller in size but looked fine in evince.

Using the same command my experience with a variety of pdf documents has
been very mixed. One or two are reduced to 10% of the original sizes,
most have no significant reduction and one is three times larger.
> The info and man write ups are a bit babbitesque/delphic for me.   I
> will look at the ghostscript documentation package I installed and see
> if I can figure out what this set of commands are doing here a bit
> more clearly while being glad that they worked.


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