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Re: lenny squeeze etc etc

On 2010-12-21 2:16 PM, Mark Goldshtein wrote:
On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 5:51 AM, Bob Proulx<bob@proulx.com>  wrote:
Jim Pazarena wrote:
having actual version/release numbers seems so much clearer.
And there does appear to BE release numbers. So why promote the
goofy naming system which throws the novice?

In my experience it is the opposite.  Novices get lost with all of the
numbers, numbers, numbers but relate better to named things.

I am just curious, how novices 'get lost' with, for example, "Debian
Stable 2011"? Of course, after that, you may add "6.0" and "Squeeze"
and whatever the Team wants, for example, full GNU v3 license text.

My experience is with Suse (all numbers) and FreeBSD (all numbers).
Wind$ws doesn't count! And, for that matter, Mac doesn't count.

To try to remember Sid, Lenny, Squeeze, which one is the newest, etc.
Yes, of course, the packages are constantly updating, which happens in
FreeBSD all the time, but knowing which base you are at, WITH A NUMBER,
is cleaner IMO. John Hasler said it best "all fought out on debian-devel"
many years ago. I did not mean to begin a war, nor did I anticipate the
(few) personal flames I received. I simply didn't follow the archives
far enough back.
Jim Pazarena         debian@paz.bz

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