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Re: apt-pinning: repo-names.

Thank You for Your time and answer, Boyd:

> > 500 http://security.debian.org testing/updates/contrib
> >Packages release
> >v=None,o=Debian,a=testing,l=Debian-Security,c=contrib
> >     origin security.debian.org
> >...
> >
> >too, has the same "a" field. Or should I specify all the fields -
> >like
> Specify the fields you want to limit based on.  From

OK. I have got that I can distinguish it by repos - not by repo parts.
- I just thought that is what for the priorities.

> You have read the relevant man page (man 5 apt_preferences), right?

Of course I did - just mis understood the whole its conception.

Thanks again.

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