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apt-pinning: repo-names.

Good day.

I have a bunch of repos in my apt.conf, they all have some pinning that
I can see w/

apt-cache policy

Manually, I have set (in the apt preferences file) only for few of
them, but they are all set up (I mean pinning).

My questions are:

1. How is done?

2. How I can find out the repos names that I can use inf the prefernces
file - this being the reason why I did not set it all there. For
example, I want to set:

lenny-backports/main to 500


testing/updates/main - to 300

Thus, in /etc/apt/preferences I put:

Package: *
Pin: release a=lenny-backports
Pin-Priority: 500

then how I name testing/updates/main ? From which files I can find out
those naming in the future?

Thank You for Your time.

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