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Re: apt-pinning: repo-names.

In <[🔎] 4cfdd943.cc7e0e0a.0f16.2dcf@mx.google.com>, Sthu Deus wrote:
>I have a bunch of repos in my apt.conf, they all have some pinning that
>I can see w/
>apt-cache policy
>Manually, I have set (in the apt preferences file) only for few of
>them, but they are all set up (I mean pinning).

They all end up with a priority.  That's not the same as a pin.  A pin forces 
a non-default priority, either on a whole repository or on packages with a 
specific name.

>My questions are:
>1. How is done?

Your default-release (in apt.conf) is given a priority of 990.
Most other repositories are given a priority of 500.
Currently installed packages are given a priority of 100.
Repositories where the Release file include "Automatic=No" (or smth like 
that), like backports and experimental are given a priority of 1.

>2. How I can find out the repos names that I can use inf the prefernces
>file - this being the reason why I did not set it all there.

I use the fields shown by (apt-cache policy) for each repository for my 
pinning.  These values ultimately come from the Release file.  You'll have a 
local copy in /var/lib/apt/lists.  This local copy is fetched / updated each 
time you run aptitude update (or similar).
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