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Re: [OT] Dubuntian- WAS: problem installing Debian on dual boot with WinXP

> So: shame on Ubuntu and cheers to Debian :=)
> My fellow members in my association have asked for Ubuntu install on
> dual boot on one of our computers. Since they know next to nothing about
> Linux, I am going to tell them that Debian is just about the same as
> Ubuntu (which is not completely untrue anyway), and that, in any case,

Id say u r doing the right thing, but i find this a rather unfortunate move towards the masses who happen to know ubuntu. Fork it in some kind of myth, including an unwanted child, maybe adapt Prometheus struggle with Zeus, but let him stay chained to this mountain. Hey, that strange bird is from Redmond.
What I'm trying to say, dont make debian appear like some mental retard's lunatic brother, its the caring one who has got to look after the not-a-bit-better other sibblings.


P.S. I dont want to set up anyone in love with that charming os. hey, I like the purple. Im just trying to explain my concern in marketing-talk...

> Debian did the job, which Ubuntu did not !

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