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Re: problem installing Debian on dual boot with WinXP

Camaleón wrote:
On Tue, 07 Dec 2010 16:05:32 +0000, Lisi wrote:

On Tuesday 07 December 2010 15:00:20 Camaleón wrote:

I don't know how Ubuntu's installer looks like, but if you have
unallocated space in the disk it should be detected.

"/dev/sda" is the whole disk (not a Windows partition), while "/dev/
sda1", "/dev/sda2", "/dev/sda3" and so on... name the partitions in the
disk. Maybe you have to manually select the partitions or tell the
installer to look in another place (under some kind of "advanced
I have installed XP and Debian without a problem.  But the other day I
needed to do exactly this, install Ubuntu 10.10 on a dual boot with
Windows.  It refused to see the empty space, although I tried every
method I could think of.  Because the 10.10 installation was urgent, I
wiped the XP off the disk and let 10.10 start from scratch.  Annoying,
as XP had taken me a day on and off to install, was a right pain, and I
had hoped to leave it alone.  I also had 10.10 refuse to quadrupal  boot
on another machine with Debian and 2 other versions of Ubuntu.

I keep hoping that Ubuntu and I will make peace.  Then something like
this happens and I flee back as soon as I can to Debian.

But 10.10 is great for getting a desktop rapidly to the point of using
multimedia to the satisfaction of my granddaughter.  For everything else
I find it a pain. :-(

A bug in Ubuntu installer? :-?

Yes, it most likely was !

After many tests and re-tests, I decided to try the Debian Lenny iso install CD that I had used in my own home desktop computer. It did work perfectly !

So: shame on Ubuntu and cheers to Debian :=)

True enough: chances are that someone will point out reverse situations =(

My fellow members in my association have asked for Ubuntu install on dual boot on one of our computers. Since they know next to nothing about Linux, I am going to tell them that Debian is just about the same as Ubuntu (which is not completely untrue anyway), and that, in any case, Debian did the job, which Ubuntu did not !

Thanks to Everyone for your help

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