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Re: problem installing Debian on dual boot with WinXP

On Tue, 07 Dec 2010 12:46:54 +0100, Bernard wrote:

> I wish to install Linux on a computer where MSWIN XP is already running.
> I thought I would first resize (shrink) the windows partition so as to
> create free space for Linux install. I did that, using GParted. Problem
> is : at next step, when trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 with an iso CD,
> the install system does not see any useful partition. It only sees
> /dev/sda, while it should show /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2. Using
> "SystemRescueCD', I am able to mount both partitions and display their
> size using 'df', but the Ubuntu install system does not see them.
> Whether I format /dev/sda2 to ext2 or ntfs, or if I just leave the space
> without formating, the Ubuntu install CD does not see any suitable space
> for that purpose.


Stop here.

I don't know how Ubuntu's installer looks like, but if you have 
unallocated space in the disk it should be detected.

"/dev/sda" is the whole disk (not a Windows partition), while "/dev/
sda1", "/dev/sda2", "/dev/sda3" and so on... name the partitions in the 
disk. Maybe you have to manually select the partitions or tell the 
installer to look in another place (under some kind of "advanced 



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