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Re: weird stuff about grub2


thank you for your attention!

ON Tuesday 07 December 2010 12:01:26, Paul Cartwright (Paul Cartwright 
<debian@pcartwright.com>) wrote:
> On 12/07/2010 01:34 AM, Geronimo wrote:
> > The osprober added menue entries for the other systems found, but none
> > of them
> > is bootable. Selecting another item results in errors like:
> > 
> > error: no such device xxx-uid-xxx
> > error: no such partition
> > error: you need to load kernel first
> sounds like grub was added to the wrong HD. Sounds like the OSes are on
> disk 0, but you added disk 1 & put grub on disk one.. it can't find them
> on disk 1.

Hm, both disks contain grub and both disks can boot their initial installed 

So I don't get the problem.

disk 0 has a partition with debian squeeze and grub added to the mbr. When I 
put disk 0 in first place of BIOS bootdrives, that grub is able to boot that 

disk 1 has a partition with debian squeeze too and this time grub was added to 
the mbr of disk 1. So when I change the order of BIOS bootdrives and place 
disk 1 at first position - I can boot into the second debian squeeze 

Both installations "know" about the other installation, so uid of all 
partitions is right on both systems - but none of the grub instances is able 
to boot the linux from the other drive. Which never was an issue with grub1 ;)

kind regards


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