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Re: weird stuff about grub2


I have similar problems.

I had a squeeze system where I added a new harddisk and installed a new 
variant of squeeze. Accidently the new installation added grub to the master 
boot record of the newly added harddisk.

With the old grub it was no problem at all - I just had to run 'update-grub' 
and things where fine.

Not now.

The osprober added menue entries for the other systems found, but none of them 
is bootable. Selecting another item results in errors like:

error: no such device xxx-uid-xxx
error: no such partition
error: you need to load kernel first

So to boot one of the older OSses installed, I need to enter BIOS and change 
the boot order of the harddisks. That's really ugly!

When I look at the disk with the claimed uid - it exists and the uid is right.

So what can I do, to add the older OSses to the grub2 of the new installation?
(I already tried update-grub - but did not change anything)

kind regards


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