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Re: Problems with fast user switcher applet

Dne, 07. 12. 2010 07:37:17 je Peter Tenenbaum napisal(a):
I'm running Gnome and Squeeze on my home computer, and I have frequent
problems with the fast user switcher applet. Does anyone else have these

1. The applet will suddenly stop switching from one particular user to another (though it switches fine for all other combinations: so for example it won't switch from user X to user Y but will switch from user Y to user X) 2. Instead of switching between users, the applet switches from a user to
   a blank screen (but fortunately ctrl-alt-f7/8 still works)
3. The switcher will suddenly start to require passwords even though it
   is configured to not require them.

I have had all these problems just in the last 15 minutes. Am I alone, or
have other people had issues?


Gosh, I hoped that bug was squashed in Squeeze? It's still the same old buggy behavior that (all) Lenny users are getting. Very annoying. :\


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