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Re: zsync: requires a newer version.

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. wrote:
> >Bob Proulx wrote:
> >> The version in Squeeze is 0.6.  It is installable on Lenny with no
> >> changes (assuming amd64 or i386) and therefore not eligible for a
> >> backport version.
> >
> >Oh - is that the policy? Pity such packages can't just go straight to
> >backports unchanged, then ... I'd assumed that installing testing
> >packages was less reliable than installing backports.
> I'm not sure that's actually the policy. I.e.:
> [Citation Needed]

It has come up in the past on the debian-backports mailing list.  But
a quick search only turned up this reference in my mailbox.


That comes from Alexander Wirt and so I would say it is authoritative
and does appear to confirm that policy.  But the backport instructions
don't say this anymore.  It used to say:


  Reconsider if the package can be installed directly from testing
  without any recompilation and handled via pinning.

Since that has been removed perhaps in the intervening time the policy
has been changed?  An email to Alex would resolve the issue.


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