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Re: zsync: requires a newer version.

Sthu Deus wrote:
> unrecognised tag MTime - you need a newer version of zsync.
> I have stable and backports. There is no newer version than the one I
> have - 0.5-1.
> Is there a way I can bypass the problem - or it is a security risk?

The version in Squeeze is 0.6.  It is installable on Lenny with no
changes (assuming amd64 or i386) and therefore not eligible for a
backport version.  Squeeze is frozen and very close to release.  You
could install the Squeeze version on your Lenny system.  When you
upgrade to Squeeze later it will be a Stable system then with no

To do this go to:


And download the package for your architecture.  Then install it.
Then call apt to fill out any dependencies that are also needed.

  sudo dpkg -i zsync_0.6.1-3_i386.deb
  sudo apt-get install -f

That will upgrade your Lenny machine to Squeeze's version of zsync.
That happens to work in this case because there are no dependencies
needed other than those that are already available for Lenny.


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