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Re: Extremely large level 1 backups with dump

Karl Vogel wrote:
>    I'm interested in seeing what kind of grief you're getting from rsync.
>    I've had to argue with it in the past; feel free to reply privately if
>    you'd rather.

Rsync has been a great performer for me as well.

>    Don't rule out dumb and strong, it works great for me.

Brute force and ignorance will always triumph. :-)

>       find . -newer /some/timestamp -print > LIST
>    This box has ~630,000 files using 640 Gbytes, but not many files change

Note that you must have sufficient ram to hold the inodes in buffer
cache.  Otherwise I would guess that it would be hugely slower due to
the need to read the disk while reading directories.  But if there is
sufficient ram for filesystem buffer cache then it will be operating
at memory speeds.  For anyone trying to recreate this goodness but
wondering why they aren't seeing it then check that the buffer cache
is sufficiently large.


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