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Re: replying to an old list thread.

Thank You for Your time and answer, Camaleón - You are doing great job
answering here! Thanks to You for Your work, again:

> When you hit "reply to → list" your e-mail client gets opened and is 
> automatically set the address of this mailing list in "To:" field ;-)

It does not work for me, nor I want it, actually. But it should be so -
it is true.
> Anyway, you can also fecth/request the message you want to reply.
> There was an old thread about that same issue:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-user/2010/07/msg01687.html

Wow! I did not think there was such a problem for one else. :)

But, actually, I do not wanna have an archive of the list. - I just see
the thread to which I want to post a message.

So, I just do not know how I can do this - using my email client.

Look, on the above link we have a link:


and it points to something like:


from which I learn that in order my email client sends to the thread I
have to set the following in the fields:

to: debian-user@lists.debian.org


Well. Where to figure out the rest (the References):



Or do You mimic that I perform this only by opening a downloaded file
in email format?

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