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mac keyboard on pc

The machines which I use are PC-clones, with various motherboards.  I
use the "Dvorak classic" keymap on whatever keyboard is handy.  I
touch-type, so the QWERTY labeling of the keys is not an issue.

A few years ago, I went shopping for a better keyboard (one with with
high-quality key switches), and purchased a thin USB Macintosh
keyboard (the board is so thin that a wrist pad is not required).  

The Mac keyboard worked properly under Sarge or Etch (whatever I was
running at the time) when specified as a PS/2 keyboard.  But upon
upgrade to Lenny, I discovered that most of the function keys were not

I did not have time to search for the problem, so I reverted to
Logitech USB keyboards, which work without difficulty under Lenny.  

Is this problem a bug in xkb?  Or has it become necessary to specify a
"macintosh" keyboard during installation?

As a secondary issue, has anyone found a method (other than epoxy)
for permanently disabling the NUM LOCK key?


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