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Re: saslauthd in squeeze requires restart once in awhile

On Mon, 06 Dec 2010 12:13:01 +0100, Klistvud wrote:

> Dne, 06. 12. 2010 03:00:12 je D G Teed napisal(a):
>> Are there any suggestions on how I can trace what is happening while at
>> the same time not causing too much disruption for users? Generally I
>> have to get the service back up for them quickly, but I might have a
>> minute or so to gather some sort of information when the thing fails.
>> The information I see in the mail logs looks like normal authentication
>> failures, which happen once in awhile for the normal reasons, so there
>> isn't much to see there.
> You could try increasing saslauthd's log verbosity, if it supports that.
> Many daemons do.

It can be run in debug mode, but should be done manually, not when the 
service is "daemonized" (or so says "/etc/defaults/saslauthd" file).

@Ted: I would also try by playing with/increasing the number of threads 
that can be spawned by the service. By default is set to "5", but if it's 
a busy e-mail server, this number can be easily reached :-?



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