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Re: Extremely large level 1 backups with dump

Peter Tenenbaum:
> In thinking this over, I think that the best approach is to simply have a
> daily rsync --archive from my main hard drive to the backup drive.  While I
> understand that more sophisticated backup systems are often useful in a
> large system, the system in question is a home computer with only 2 users.

Almost the same here.

> The file complement changes but slowly, and we never delete and rarely
> overwrite files, so there's no need to be able to, say, recover the 3 days
> ago version of a file.

Then you even have one reason less for not making incremental backups.
In your case it's almost free storage-wise. The nice thing about
rsnapshot is that you get a complete tree of your backed-up directories
for all increments. This is done using hard links, so it uses very
little space.

> Do you concur that a simple rsync makes more sense in this context, or do
> you think that I would still benefit from using either the --link-dest
> option or rsnapshot?

It might be enough, but as soon as you need more than a one-liner for
backups in your crontab, I suggest moving to rsnapshot. Don't start
scripting your own backup solution. (It should be mentioned, though,
that rsnapshot supports custom scripts to collect the files to be backed
up. This is useful for databases and other files which you don't want to
copy verbatim while the system is running.)

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