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Re: Extremely large level 1 backups with dump

Jochen, Paul --

In thinking this over, I think that the best approach is to simply have a daily rsync --archive from my main hard drive to the backup drive.  While I understand that more sophisticated backup systems are often useful in a large system, the system in question is a home computer with only 2 users.  The file complement changes but slowly, and we never delete and rarely overwrite files, so there's no need to be able to, say, recover the 3 days ago version of a file.  The backup system is mainly there for disaster recovery, with daily backups preferred just so that we don't lose many e-mail messages in the event of a catastrophic failure. 

Do you concur that a simple rsync makes more sense in this context, or do you think that I would still benefit from using either the --link-dest option or rsnapshot?


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