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Re: Recommended, easy to manage FTP server for Debian Lenny?

Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com> writes:

> On Sun, 05 Dec 2010 03:39:12 +0100, Csanyi Pal wrote:
>> I'm searching for an easy to manage FTP server for Debian Lenny.

> I've worked with Vsftpd in the past and found it very easy to setup
> and manage (only one config file) but people tend to prefer ProFTPD
> for multi- host sites (maybe is more complete or has more features, I
> dunno :-?). 
> If you need a GUI for user handling, webmin could be an option, as it 
> provides modules for "proftpd" (and "vsftp", IIRC) as well as other
> FTP servers.

On Debian GNU/Linux Lenny and on Squeeze the command:
aptitude search webmin give to me no results.

One can download webmin debian package from here:

Why isn't it in the Debian repository?

Is it safe to install it from there?

I have tried gforge-ftp-proftpd; I have installed it on my server box
but then I don't know how to use it?

> P.S. There was a recently exploit in ProFTPD package, if you are
> thinking in installing, just ensure you get an unaffected package.

I have installed it on Lenny with command:
'sudo aptitude install proftpd' so I think it is unaffected because I
trust to Debian maintainers that Debian is the most secure operating
system, right?

Regards, Paul Chany

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