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Re: grub2 hangs / freezes when external USB hard drive is connected

On Sat, 04 Dec 2010 22:04:23 -0800, Peter Tenenbaum wrote:

> My squeeze home machine cannot boot when an external hard drive is
> connected via USB.  When the drive is disconnected, booting occurs
> normally; but when it is connected, I get a "Welcome to Grub!" message
> and then nothing further happens.


Here there are some hints:


I also think Grub goes nuts with the USB attached disk and messes the 
root device so it cannot boot properly.

You can confirm this point by falling into editing mode ("e") and play 
with the current "root (hd0,2)" line to fit the current setup (i.e., 
change "hd0" with "hd1" and see if you can boot normally).

This should not happen, though, and if you confirm the error, it should 
be reported.



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