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Re: Looking for software to manage snail-mail subscriptions

On Sun, 05 Dec 2010 02:50:38 +0000, Alex Gould wrote:

> Camaleón writes:
>> This may sound a bit overwhelming but have you thought in a CMS (like
>> Drupal or Joomla) and a module for managing those subscriptions? :-?
> Thanks. I'd consider it -- but do you know of any such module or add-on?
> It's hard to just do a web-search for this kind of thing because terms
> like "mailing list," "newsletter" "subscription" etc. all refer to email
> list management software, which is much easier to find.

Hum... maybe they are located under "e-commerce" category. For example:


Ubercart looks quite complete.


You can also look under ERP software:


Basically I guess you need a database (offile/online) which handles users 
data (subscription type: magazine, newspaper... periodicty: weekly, 
monthly, quarterly... client postal address for delivering, etc...) :-?



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