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Re: [OT] Making CPU fans spin [was: Re: Seeking advice...]

Dne, 01. 12. 2010 22:49:55 je Andrei Popescu napisal(a):
On Mi, 01 dec 10, 08:18:27, PETER EASTHOPE wrote:
> Advisable to replace the fan before other components have heat
> damage.  Repair is an option too.  If the fan has ball bearings,
> they can be replaced.  Bearing vendors can be found on the Web
> and on eBay.  If the fan has bushings, they can be reconditioned.
> Take them out.  Poach them in non-detergent oil for at least 12
> hours to release the wear particles.  Reassemble.  Certainly worth
> the effort.

This is the first thing to do as soon as I have "my" Debian running on
the "other" machine ;) Is WD40 suitable for such fans?

In my experience, compressed air does wonders and may even spare you the effort of having to dissemble your laptop. I'm lucky to have access to a compressor, but canned air should be just as good. The point is to thoroughly clean the laptop with compressed air through all of its orifices; there'll be clouds of dust coming out from everywhere, so don't do it on your favorite Iranian carpet. If the problems persist, WD40 can probably help too, but I wouldn't advise using it *before* thoroughly cleaning the part. And, once you clean it thoroughly, you may find out that you actually don't need WD40 at all.


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