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Re: An experiment about file timestamp (was: Timestamps jump by one hour when switching timezone)

> I have an  idea that there may be some distinction at the atomic level
> between UTC and GMT.  Can anyone enlighten me?  Or was the decision to
> call it UTC in place of GMT purely political?

Ah, time for my favourite quote from the Java6 API documentation:

| Some computer standards are defined in terms of Greenwich mean time
| (GMT), which is equivalent to universal time (UT). GMT is the "civil"
| name for the standard; UT is the "scientific" name for the same
| standard. The distinction between UTC and UT is that UTC is based on an
| atomic clock and UT is based on astronomical observations, which for all
| practical purposes is an invisibly fine hair to split.
| -- http://download.oracle.com/javase/6/docs/api/java/util/Date.html

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