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[OT] Making CPU fans spin [was: Re: Seeking advice...]

On Mi, 01 dec 10, 08:18:27, PETER EASTHOPE wrote:
> Advisable to replace the fan before other components have heat 
> damage.  Repair is an option too.  If the fan has ball bearings, 
> they can be replaced.  Bearing vendors can be found on the Web 
> and on eBay.  If the fan has bushings, they can be reconditioned.
> Take them out.  Poach them in non-detergent oil for at least 12 
> hours to release the wear particles.  Reassemble.  Certainly worth 
> the effort.

This is the first thing to do as soon as I have "my" Debian running on 
the "other" machine ;) Is WD40 suitable for such fans?

(In case someone is wondering, I'm talking about FRU 42W2780 for 
Thinkpad R61i type 8198-CJG)

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