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How to tell X to be more conservative


I have a feeling that my X is too aggressive that it is killing
my LCD monitor. 


Once, I tested Linux (Slax, if you insist) on an old system. On X
started (KDE to be exact), I see every pixel on the LCD monitor
being "blown" side way, just like you see several "ghost" images
on bad-interception analog TVs. The thing is, it only happens to
Xwindow (Xorg to be exact), console doesn't exhibit such problem,
and when booted into Windows, such problem never ever happen.


My LCD monitor didn't have such problem before, until I upgraded
X. Now my LCD will exhibit above symptom from time to time. Some
times it lasts too long and looks too bad that I have to reboot
into Windows (which is, as expected, doesn't have such problem).

So, I conclude that it is Xwindow that it is causing the problem. 
I can be wrong. As the first step in solving the problem, I hope
there is a way to tell X to be more "conservative", not to be 
too hard on my LCD monitor. Is it possible? 


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