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Re: How to tell X to be more conservative

T o n g wrote:
> console doesn't exhibit such problem, and when booted into Windows,
> such problem never ever happen.

It is probably using a native resolution.  What resolution is the
native resolution of your LCD monitor?  Most LCD monitors have an
"information" button or menu selection to provide OSD (on screen
display) of the current resolution.  Find out what resolution is
native for your monitor.

> Problem: 
> My LCD monitor didn't have such problem before, until I upgraded
> X. Now my LCD will exhibit above symptom from time to time. Some
> times it lasts too long and looks too bad that I have to reboot
> into Windows (which is, as expected, doesn't have such problem).

What resolution is it running when it is in the bad state?  It is
almost certainly running something different than in the good state.
Find the bad resolution and I am sure that it will be different.

> So, I conclude that it is Xwindow that it is causing the problem. 
> I can be wrong. As the first step in solving the problem, I hope
> there is a way to tell X to be more "conservative", not to be 
> too hard on my LCD monitor. Is it possible? 

After the upgrade X.org doesn't use a configuration file and does more
things automatically.  When it works that is great.  But there are
going to be a lot of reports from people from when the automated
mechanism doesn't work.  In those cases you will need to manually set
the desired resolution.  This is a change in Squeeze over Lenny.

Also, this probably means that you are using a VGA cable to connect
your computer and display.  But most LCD monitors have a digital
connector available.  Using the DVI connector instead of the VGA will
definitely improve image quality.


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