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Re: Seeking advice and documentation on non-standard software RAID1 setup

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deloptes wrote:
> I am doing a backup once a month ... I don't use any raid ... no issues in
> the past. After 4 years of use, I have disassembled the notebook and
> cleaned it up with a spray. I think it will work for the next 4 years ...

FWIW, good experience in the past is not a reliable guide as to how
often one should back up data, as it could be just caused by good luck.
The interval of backups should match how much you can 'afford' to lose.
I usually backup my data daily [1], because that is about the maximum
work that I am prepared to recreate in case of failure.

I have had disks running reliably for 10-15 years and others failing
within 4 weeks from purchase.

Of course it is also a question of how much time you will spend on
backing up the data compared to how much time you will spend to recreate
the data in case of loss. Backups can be automated, though ;-)

YMMV, of course.

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