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On 30 Nov 2010, deloptes wrote:
> Debian TR wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> > 
> > I am looking for a good ocr software. A quick internet search showed
> > that there are several softwares such as OCRad, tesseract, etc.. and if
> > I didn't get it wrong, tesseract is one of the best softwares (maybe the
> > best one)
> I'm off this topic for the past 2 years, but last time I have compiled
> tesseract it was hard to run it (tune it) I don't remember exactly, but I
> did not have any success with it. g/jocr is working somehow but I have
> found out that only commercial ocrs are really usable in production.
> regards

I've found that the Debian tesseract package (tesseract-ocr-eng) works
very well, with extremely few errors.

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