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Re: Seeking advice and documentation on non-standard software RAID1 setup

On Ma, 30 nov 10, 13:18:27, Simon Hollenbach wrote:
> ----- Original message -----
> > Hi,
> > - make a software RAID1 on my laptop between a SD card and a partition 
> >     on the builtin HDD
> > - whenever I want or need to use the other laptop I use the SD card to 
> >     boot from it and work in my environment
> Hi Andrei,
> have u considered that I/Os to the SD will be much slower than those 
> to the built-in hdd? That would bring ur hd down to sd performance. 
> Thinking about that an esata ssd could suit ur needs, but be more 
> expensive and tangling around on your laptop.

I can tinker as much as I want with my own laptop, but the one from work 
is untouchable ;)

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