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Seeking advice and documentation on non-standard software RAID1 setup


I got a laptop from work (Windows unfortunately) which I would like to 
use from time to time with an install on a SD card. Also recently my own
laptop wouldn't start because of fan troubles (I had to "assist" with 
the vacuum cleaner) and I realised that a) I want to have my work 
environment and b) my backups are a bit old.

So here is what I thought of:

- make a software RAID1 on my laptop between a SD card and a partition 
  on the builtin HDD
- whenever I want or need to use the other laptop I use the SD card to 
  boot from it and work in my environment

This way I can enjoy my work environment on whatever machine I work and 
also have a sort of backup.

My questions are:

1. Is this setup possible and/or feasible?
2. Where should I start?
3. Any other issues I haven't thought of (I have zero experience with 

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