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Re: sid printing from cups and gutenprint v 5.2.5 and it drops the first page

On Fri, 12 Nov 2010 15:36:25 -0500, Mitchell Laks wrote:

> for some time the first page of each document has been messed up
> (usually blank or skipped) in printing from cups + gutenprint v5.2.5 on
> laserjet 1200 printer i will upgrade my sid completely today but this
> has been going on for a while lately... 

I would try with another driver (no need to edit the current printer, 
just add in CUPS as many instances as you need). 

Possible candidates:

HP-LaserJet_1200-pxlmono.ppd (recommended PXL)
HP-LaserJet_1200-Postscript.ppd (generic PS)
hp-laserjet_1200-pcl3.ppd (from HPLIP)

You're lucky for having more than one option :-)



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