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Problems with /etc/modprobe.conf

Hi all.

Installing the driver for my new printer Samsung ML-1915 (the official Samsung
driver) created the file /etc/modprobe.conf, containing the following stuff:

 options parport_pc io=0x378 irq=7 dma=3

Since then, at every boot the following warning message appears:

 /etc/modprobe.conf exists but does not include /etc/modprobe.d!

Besides, in the virtual consoles the characters have got smaller, and a few
more strange things happen.  So I want to get rid of that file.  But if I
remove it, or even only append to it the line:

 include /etc/modprobe.d/

, the error message disappear but the printer does not work.  It may have
something to do with the load of /dev/mfp4, the printer port.

Please help with this issue.

Thanks for any help

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