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Re: lenny & thunderbird filters

On 11/05/2010 07:25 AM, Camaleón wrote:
ah, I think I found it under folder properties.. repair Folder?
Mmm, it should be called "rebuild index", even in "plain English" :-P


Not sure if that will help with your "phantom" unread messages, though... 
wait, I've got some docs for you:
ok, REBUILD, not REPAIR.. yes, I found it- right-click on a folder, select properties.

Disappearing mail
nice article..
will check out each & every problem.. I did NOT have the View Messages item:
If you don't have a "View -> Messages" menu command right click on the toolbar, select customize, drag and drop the "Mail Views" icon to the toolbar and press the OK button. Adding the View combo box to the toolbar adds that menu command.
but it was set to ALL.

Maybe you can find something there that make your bells ring :-?

P.S. Just out of curiosity... does it happen only with imap mailboxes or 
also with local stored messages?
not I am talking ALL local folders. I have fetchmail bring in ALL my email to /var/mail/USER, and thunderbird is set to pull that mail using UNIX movemail. I DO have IMAP folders, I am running Dovecot-imapd. I think I have a cron job to bring in yahoo email using fetchyahoo that brings it in to an IMAP folder, but I RARELY get yahoo email..

Paul Cartwright
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