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[ERRATUM] Re: why there is no sound output from the front audio pane

Dne, 04. 11. 2010 10:13:07 je Klistvud napisal(a):

If the latter, I can only add these 2 cents: on my desktop machine with an Intel motherboard, the front audio headers require special (Windows-only, of course) software to fully work. They do work per se, but if you want to enable rear jack muting (so that your main speakers get muted when you plug in the headphones in the front audio jack), you have to install Windows, and load a special Windows driver.

Ooops, that's a disinformation; I mixed up two distinct features from two distinct motherboards and managed to make a compete mess. The above motherboard *does not require Windows* for the said functionality to work, it just requires a *special chassis* with custom cabling.

Sorry about the disinformation.


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