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Re: Trying to use a Nokia N95 as a modem over USB

On Mon, Nov 1, 2010 at 9:58 AM, Klistvud <quotations@aliceadsl.fr> wrote:
> Dne, 01. 11. 2010 14:33:17 je Andrew Malcolmson napisal(a):
>> I got it working.  I had been using a KDE with Debian Sid called
>> Aptosid.  I did a fresh install of Squeeze and the USB tethering
>> worked straightaway.  I noticed that it works more smoothly if the USB
>> cable is connected before boot.
> A N95 in "GSM modem mode" (i.e. tethered) will also work via Bluetooth, so
> you can do away with USB cables. And, with some third-party software
> installed, it should also work as a portable WLAN acces point, although I
> haven't personally tried that.

Hi Klistvud,

I've never got Bluetooth tethering working.  Bluetooth pairing is fine
but when I use the Debian built-in Bluetooth and attempt the DUN
setup, I get a timeout error during 'detecting phone details'.  Using
the  Blueman DUN wizard I get "Device Added Successfully but Failed to

It sound like the phone is not responding to the request but only only
relevant setting I found is 'modem' under Settings/Connectivity where
the only option is infrared.  My model is the N95-3.  Maybe the N95 8M
is the only one with Bluetooth tethering.

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