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BIND9 + SIG(0)


After some weeks pausing, I now try to face my issue with BIND9 and
SIG(0) again.

I would like to use private/public key encryption for my dynamic DNS
zone. I get the RSAMD5 keys, but nsupdate does not recognize them:

server2:/etc/bind# nsupdate -k Kinca.antark.de.+001+27364.private
30-Oct-2010 16:40:00.602 Kinca.antark.de.+001+27364.private:1: unknown
option 'Private-key-format:'
30-Oct-2010 16:40:00.602 Kinca.antark.de.+001+27364.private:14:
unexpected token near end of file
could not read key from Kinca.antark.de.+001+27364.private: unexpected token

Is the support disabled at compile-time?
Did someone get SIG(0) to work in the past?

Thanks in advance!



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