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Re: [OT] Re: Toner refill

On 10/28/2010 05:48 PM, Doug wrote:

Some years ago, I had a color ink-jet printer from Epson. When it
ran dry, I refilled the ink reservoirs from one of the cheapie
refill suppliers. The "ink" clogged up the ink-jets, and since they
inaccessible, I had to throw the printer away. It was only a few
months old.

But, but, but... cheap replacement manufacturers are pure of heart and only want the best for us!!!

There are probably two morals to this story:
1. Use the manufacturer's replacement supplies.
2. Consider using HP printers. Both their ink-jets and their lasers
replace all the major parts when replacing the supplies. It's more
expensive, but it['s as near fool-proof as I can think of.
(I have no financial interest in HP.)

Gasp!!  The HP would get more profit!!!

Seek truth from facts.

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