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Re: Mail server recommendations

On 10/26/2010 06:10 AM, B. Alexander wrote:
Hi all,

I figured I would ask for a sanity check here. I'm looking to replace my
internal mail server. Right now, I'm running Zimbra 5.0.x, but I have
always run on the low end of the hardware requirements, and now, the box
I am running on (2.4 GHz P4, 1GB RAM) is being beaten to death by java
in zimbra. Load average always hovers between 3 and 6.

Now the mail server, since Comcast blocked port 25, is mainly used for
internal monitor/security messages, like ossec and opsview, apticron
messages, etc. So I was looking to set up an OpenVZ container, probably
sid, as a mailserver with the following:

* postfix
* dovecot
* spamassassin (in case I ever decide to work around the port 25 block)
* roundcube for webmail

Anyone got any suggestons? Either anything I'm missing or packages that
work better?

I think that any modern, inexpensive system (dual- or quad-core AMD CPUs running around 3GHz, 4GB RAM) would fit the bill.

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