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Re: Re (2): arp and /etc/ethers

peasthope@shaw.ca wrote:
> 'man arp' has no mention of a configuration file.  How should
> arp reference /etc/ethers automatically at startup?
> ...
> My question was worded badly.  I want 'arp -f /etc/ethers' to happen
> automatically at startup.  Should it be put in /etc/initab or where?

It is very unusual to need to manually set entries in the arp table.

In any case, the full approach would be to create a boot time startup
script in /etc/init.d/arp_local or some such to perform this task.
The file /etc/init.d/skeleton is provided as a template and may be
copied and then modified as needed.  After that has been copied to
/etc/init.d/arp_local and edited appropriately then the startup links
can be created with '# update-rc.d arp_local defaults'.  But you might
not need to be so rigorous for such a simple thing as what you want to

A long standing Unix tradition has been to use /etc/rc.local for local
hacks such as this.  If you put the command there then the
/etc/init.d/rc.local startup script will automatically run it at boot

Humans are good about editing files but software tools have trouble
with it.  Therefore automated software in packages always create their
own files which can be installed and removed.  As such the rc.local
really only works okay for human editing.  But it is there and
simple and available for whatever purpose you need it for.  I would
probably go the simple route and just put it there.  It is a conffile
and your changes will be preserved on upgrades.


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