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Re: Burning CD stuck on sending CUE sheet

On Sat, 23 Oct 2010 22:56:17 +0200, Steven wrote:

> I'm using Debian Squeeze (currently up-to-date) and tried to burn an
> audio cd using k3b. The burning process freezes at 0% with the message
> 'Sending CUE sheet', I can tell k3b to abort the process, but that just
> causes k3b to lock up completely. I attached part of my kern.log file,
> which shows 4 call traces from the cd burning.


You're getting a quite similar error message to this guy:

Finalizing of burnt CD-Rs takes a very long time or gets stuck

I would try to use another burning software, re-sit/replace the ATA cable 
or try with another dvd writer to see if you get any difference.



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