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Re: Wierd kde/gnome interaction

On Fri, 22 Oct 2010 11:27:33 -0400, B. Alexander wrote:

> For the past few weeks, I have had something wierd going on.
> I have a full workstation load on my workstation, including KDE 4.4.5
> and Gnome. I personally run KDE. What I have seen over the past few
> weeks is that when I plug in anything that triggers the device notifier
> (e.g. CD, N900, thumb drive), the Gnome app (nautilus?) usually pops up
> before I have the chance to select it in the device notifier.
> Is there any way to shut Gnome up when I'm in KDE?

Mmm... check for services running on start up (you can use system 
monitor) and look for the suspicious one (gnome-volume-manager, nautilus-
* or so) and if running, kill it. Then load a CD or any other media 
device and see what happens.



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