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Re: Ethernet port dead

Andrei Popescu <andreimpopescu@gmail.com> writes:

>> > @Rodolfo, could you please post the output of 'lspci -nnk', preferably 
>> > only the part relevant to the SiS Ethernet controler.

On Mi, 20 oct 10, 13:11:38, Rodolfo Medina wrote:

>> For Etch, the  `k' option is not valid: so I used Knoppix.
>> To be sure, I posted the whole output of 'lspci -nnk' to:
>>  http://paste.debian.net/97329/

Andrei Popescu <andreimpopescu@gmail.com> writes:

> Yes, but we are trying to diagnose your system, not the live one... BTW, 
> this question came up before, but I don't recall you answering it. Does 
> the card work with Knoppix?

Well, no, it doesn't.  That's why I thought that diagnosing with Knoppix would
be just the same.  If the card worked, say, with a newer kernel, then it would
be easy to solve the problem and save the card with a simple upgrade to Debian

> Also, in your system, what happens if you just
> modprobe sis990
> This thread has gotten very long and complicated and I feel like a lot 
> of information is still missing. It might help if you make a summary 
> including what systems/kernel versions did you test with and what 
> results did you get and 'lspci -nnk', 'ifconfig -a' and (relevant part 
> of) 'dmesg' output for each.
> You can post lspci and ifconfig outputs directly to the list, use 
> paste.debian.net only for very long stuff (like full dmesg).

Thanks for your help.

I'm attaching the file ethernet-enquiry.tar.gz, that you can unpack with `tar
xzvf ethernet-enquiry.tar.gz'.  It's only 12Kb.  There are all those outputs:

ifconfig -a
uname -a
modprobe sis990
lspci -nnk

for the two different systems Debian Etch and Debian Lenny on the same machine
from two different partitions.

I wish the card could work again, or else I shall buy an usb-ethernet adaptor
and hope it will be all right.  It is necessary for me sharing files via
ethernet from one machine to another.


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