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Re: Debian 6.0 'Squeeze' home server - Installation guide

B. Alexander <storm16 <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Another couple of items that I came up with, to follow up to Lee's post. You
might want to discuss having bastion hosts, such that each server performs a
function. The most obvious (though probably out-of-scope for a home server)
would be that it would be a Bad Idea to put a public anonymous ftp server on the
same machine as your production database server. Now that example would be
overkill for your typical home environment, though it might be valid for a small
business. However, in a home environment, a parallel case might be that you
wouldn't want your mythtv installation running on your backup server. In any
case, you should discuss bastion hosts vs. all-in-one servers. In this
discussion, you could bring up the point that while you can place them on
physical boxes, it might be more cost effective to virtualize them. There are a
number of options here, including * openvz* linux-vserver* kvm* xen* vmware*
virtualboxAll have pros and cons. (I'm still looking for the ultimate solution.)
The first two will only support Linux guests, while KVM requires a 64-bit cpu
with the virtualization instructions (e.g. VT-x or it's AMD equivalent). Xen is
sort of messy to install and vmware...Well, I have real issues with vmware. They
only pay lip service to Linux. There is no Linux client to manage it, except for
vmware server, and that is its own nightmare...VBox is an option, but really
isn't scaled for server-type virtualization.Personally, most of my VMs are on
openvz.In any case, you should definitely have your firewall on a separate
machine, bare metal if possible. I also recommend your backup machine be on a
separate bare metal machine. That said, you can probably combine your various
web servers, etc.--b

Hi b.

You are far more ambitious than I am ;-)

These are great ideas for the future! But I want to keep focused on the
goals for this project: To set up a small home sever and keep things really

I agree with you about virtualization - it was something that crossed my
mind at the beginning - but, as you said, it would be out of scope for a
home server.

Anyway, many thanks for all you suggestions! I'm taking notes, maybe for a
future project ;-)

By the way, following Lee's suggestions I wrote a "before you begin" page
I hope the helps to clarify the purpose of this project.

Many thanks once again for all your help, support an suggestions!

Fernando Ribeiro

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