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Re: Continue without install grub (y/n) confusion

On Lu, 18 oct 10, 14:46:23, Bhasker C V wrote:
> Hi,
>   Somewhere during the end of the installation there is a question
>  Continue without installing (yes/no)
>  This I assume is if I choose 'Yes' then Grub will not be installed
> and when i choose 'No' grub will be installed. But when i choose no,
> the installer keeps asking the saem question again and again. May be
> this question needs to be re-phrased as "Install grub (y/n)" ?

I can't reproduce this in a VirtualBox install.

Can you please give more details, like what image you used and 
preferably the exact and complete text of the message? If you do a 
graphical install you can even make screenshots, which you can post 
somewhere on the web for us to see.

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