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Re: Continue without install grub (y/n) confusion

On 20101019_094349, Nuno Magalhães wrote:
> I had a similar problem recently where some package failed to install,
> which caused grub to fail as well. Switching to a console and issuing
> aptitude install grub did the trick.
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I think the original post was about an event that was happening during
a fresh new install of Debian OS. At that point, I doubt if screen
capture feature is up and running. Maybe I'm wrong. Is there a way to
invoke screen capture during install of Debian? (not merely during
install of a package while running aptitude or apt-get under a fully
functioning Debian host system)

I have seen what seems to me is the phenomenon OP is talking
about. Being under the impression that I could not do a screen
capture, I never really complained about it because I could not figure
out a way to offer evidence that it was just an hallucinating user.

What happened to me seemed to be explained by assuming that grub2 was
actually installed in spite of the fact that there was this error
message claiming that it wasn't. What DIDN'T get installed was any
lines in /boot/grub/grug.cfg that mentioned other OSes that were
already present on the computer. So on reboot, there was only the new
install mention as an option. This is scary, because the new system
might not actually work, but if it does, running grub-install under
the new system brings into play a better version of grub.cfg that does
have lines for the other OSes on the computer. When I discovered this,
I stopped worrying that I was not helping squash a bug. But what I
saw, really was pretty bad, at least cosmetically, since it will be a
part of the first experience of Debian by every future new user.

And then again, maybe I'm wrong, and it really is a recurring

Additionally, maybe significant: All my work was done using 
the businesscard CD, squeeze version, which seems to have been
unchanged for a very long time.

Paul E Condon           

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