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Re: ping packet loss when size gt 1500

owens@netptc.net on 17/10/10 16:30, wrote:
I thought I knew enough to keep my own home LAN going but I'm stuck
on this one
and I can't work out what to do next. In fact I thought everything
was fine
until I tried pinging with big packet sizes.

ping -s 1472 www.bbc.co.uk
ping -s 1472

works fine, no packet loss ever.

ping -s 1473 www.bbc.co.uk

works fine too.

ping -s 1473

results in 100% packet loss.

I have a bizarre problem with the server at, which is
an internet
broker whose server keeps disconnecting when making data requests.
Their support
is blaming the problem on me. is used by a huge number of clients and I apparently
am the only
one suffering.

Could it be something on my LAN? Or could it be my ISP (British
Telecom) whose
DNS server will randomly go down for a while and then come back (not
in sync
with the appearance of this problem though) - I thought I'd state
that to give
an idea of the ISP's reliability.

Or is this ping problem definitely something I can sort out and
perhaps solve it?

Just a guess but I would hypothesize that you have bumped up against
a Maximum Transmission Unit limit.

Thanks for all the info. I guess it tells me there's nothing definitely wrong.


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