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Re: --set-selections - help needed to use this

Excerpts from Boyd Stephen Smith Jr.'s message of Tue Oct 12 19:15:49 +0200 2010:

[commands for restoring the packages that were installed on an old system]
> Excellent list of commands!  It satisfies OR'd dependencies the same way your 
> old system did, and restores the "automatically installed" flag, and moves 
> over your debconf stuff, too!

The credit for the parts I posted belongs to the original author, Mark

> It would be nice to see how you generated all those files, too.

D'oh, left that part off in the hurry. This time I'll just attach both
scripts. They are not yet complete (e.g. file based backup / restore is
missing and even though the restore commands are shipped in the form of
a script they actually need to be executed manually because there's some
stuff missing in the middle) and not fully tested, so use them at your
own peril.



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